Cycle Race

There is the Annual Cycle Race on Good Friday.

Here is a letter from the organiser;


You will no doubt remember that Chris Lea and I attended the LPC meeting on 12 June last year.  LPC had raised concerns in relation to the Buxton CC mountain time trial that is traditionally held on Good Friday of each year.  Chris and I attended that meeting as representatives on behalf of Buxton CC.

LPC’s concerns centred primarily on parking and inappropriate behaviour of competitors.  In respect of parking, concerns were raised that competitors and spectator’s vehicles were a nuisance to Longnor residents.  In respect of competitor behaviour, concerns were twofold; being (1) invasion of the privacy of residents, and (2)  inconsiderate placement of static cycling ‘rollers’/’turbo trainers’ used by competitors to warm-up.  The Chairman of LPC also asked if the finish line could be moved closer to St. Bartholomew’s School (which is of course the event HQ) and suggested somewhere on Carder Green.  It was agreed that Chris and I would report these concerns to the club and that I would contact you again a fortnight or so before this year’s event to inform you of the club’s response.

Buxton CC does take these concerns seriously. We have held this event using St. Bartholomew’s School as the event HQ since 1993.  Indeed, I organised that first event and many more since.  We have always enjoyed a very good relationship with the school and with Longnor residents, many of whom show great interest in the event.

I’m pleased to confirm that Buxton CC has decided on the following course of action which is hoped will resolve the problems raised.

On parking, options for use of a field for this purpose were briefly explored but were ruled out as being impracticable.  It was instead agreed that a written notice would be included in the event details provided to each competitor highlighting the need for consideration of residents, and other visitors to Longnor, when parking.

On the potential for invasion of privacy of residents, it was agreed that a written notice would be included in the event details provided to each competitor highlighting the need for consideration of resident’s privacy and in particular, not to peer through residents’ windows.

On the use of static cycling ‘rollers’/’turbo trainers’, it was agreed that a notice would be included in the event details provided to each competitor to the effect that such items must not be used outside properties in the village.  

In addition, it was agreed that the Club would appoint a roving marshal, based at St. Bartholomew’s School and thereby accessible to residents, to help ensure that competitors and spectators take notice of these requirements.

Finally, moving the finish onto Carder Green was also explored.  The decision reached was that this was impractical due to a combination of the narrowness of the road (with vehicles typically parked on both sides of this road), vehicles blocking the line of sight for the timekeepers who could only be situated on the pavement, and lack of space for the timekeepers on the pavement.  There was no realistic option other than to retain the current finishing location.  As the location of the finish has not posed a significant problem over the 25 years or so of running the event, it is hoped that this will continue to be acceptable.

Please could I ask you to pass on this email to the members of LPC?

Many thanks                                                                                                                                                                                

Kind regards



Nick Sharpe

Buxton Cycling Club