Longnor Parish Council became owners of the disused Telephone Kiosk outside the Post Office at the beginning of November 2017.


The following corresspondence has been received recently relating to this Phonebox.


From: Knight, Alexander
Sent: 09 November 2017 12:03
To: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Phone Box Adoption

Good afternoon,

I am contacting yourselves from Western Power Distribution.

We need to carry out essential maintenance on the supply next to the post office.

I have been made aware that the Parish Council have adopted the phone box.

I am trying to find out if you are adopting the phone box with a power supply or not as I believe BT offer this option.

If you could confirm if it is with or without power that would be much appreciated and help in the planning of our works.


Alex Knight


Stoke East

07989 700470


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